About RSA

The Romanian Statistical Society was founded in 1937 by personalities who greatly contributed to the progress, perfecting and modernization of Romanian statistics. The initiative belonged to a group of well-known persons, among whom Dimimtrie Gusti, renowned sociologist and philosofer. The association’s main objective was to organize an intense professional and scientifica activity. At the  constituent General Assembly it was decided that the Romanian Statistical Society would function within the premises of the Central Statistica Institute.

The Romanian Statistical Society was registered in the Register of legal persons (Ilfov courthouse decision No. 2236/23.06.1937).

Young Statisticians’ Group

The Young Statisticians’ Group in Romania is a structure within the Romanian Statistical Society meant to facilitate and strengthen the collaboration between youth interested in statistics, econometrics and data analysis. The Group is open to Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students, post-docs and generally to all those at the beginning of their career in data analysis.



Sending to De Gruyter the volume „Governance in the European Union Member States in the Era of Big Data”

The scientific communications presented by the participants to the 25th International Conference of the PGV Network, organized by the Romanian Statistical Society in collaboration with the Artifex University of Bucharest and Universite Grenoble Alpes, held in Bucharest, under the auspices of  the National Union of Handicraft and Production Cooperatives, between 12-13 September 2019, were transmitted …